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Descend the granite and steel staircase and enter through a hidden sandstone tunnel with vaulted ceiling where you'll discover a space that's all sandstone walls, padded leather nooks, thick columns and modern, halo-shaped crystal chandeliers.
Crystal Bar in the bowels of the former General Post Office in Martin Place is a tasteful and elegant bar, nightspot and one of the freshest gourmet burger restaurants in Sydney. Offering Sydney's best gourmet premium cheeseburgers, with a glitzy pink bar backdrop, gold gauze curtains and subtle Crystal halos suspended from the ceiling. Rough-hewn sandstone walls and original mailroom tiling add a masculine touch, as do the plush leather banquettes and cool red lighting. Simple, stylish, understated.
Ideal for the corporate crowd who are looking for the best burger and drink places in Sydney during lunch or after work.

Crystal Bar now offers the Luxury Spirit Collection as our house pour including Grey Goose Vodka, Star of Bombay Gin, El Dorado White Rum, 3 y.o, Patron Silver Tequila, Chivas Regal XV and the list goes on. Our Luxury Spirit Collection is selected to complement our premium mixer ranges or your choice of cocktail.

Exclusive Bar is open on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Our Crystal Boudoir Show  is Sydney's best and longest running Cabaret and Burlesque show performing on Saturday nights. Evoking classic vintage glamour in the style of 1920s Paris, the Crystal Boudoir Show presents artful and dream-like performances. There are a lot of stilettos while a contortionist in a Crystal black cat suit pokes her sinuous leg up and over her head, a touch of vaudeville that leaves the audience gobsmacked. Between acts, a saxophonist plays a seductive groove, the perfect accompaniment to the killer cocktails. GPO Crystal Bar is the best place to drink and grab tasty gourmet cheeseburgers in Sydney. There's plenty of beverages on hand and all the bottles are positioned in a specially designed ice trough, which allows the alcohol to be chilled to exactly the right temperature while still remaining on display.
On selected Saturday Nights,  Crystal Bar opens its door from 9pm and Crystal Boudoir Cabaret Show commences at 9:30pm, followed by a public dance floor for guests to enjoy till late. Also, PIMP 'Male Esque' Cabaret Show is also performed on selected Saturday evenings in Coach Bar within GPO Building.


Luxury "Bar Back" Spirits as "House Drinks" for $10.50 includes:
• Patron Silver Tequila
• Grey Goose Vodka
• Star of Bombay Gin
• Chivas Regal XV
• Woodford Reserve Bourbon
• El Dorado White Rum 3 y.o
• Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey
• Jameson Caskmates Irish Whiskey
• Canadian Club 8 y.o Canadian Whisky 


Crystal Bar has introduced a new gourmet burger range showcasing a selection of specialty artisan cheeses.
With inspiration from the 100 different seasonal cheeses on offer at GPO Cheese and Wine Room, Crystal Bar's Gourmet Burger Restaurant offers fromager hand-picked cheeses with sharp, bold flavours and creaminess to complement the fresh, quality ingredients on the burgers, including our housemade tartare-style beef patty.
Choose from Truffle Brie from the Parisian region of France, Blue Gorgonzola from Piedmont, Italy and Heidi Farm Gruyère Cheese from Exton, Tasmania.
Our gourmet burgers feature a grilled-to-order Black Angus beef patty inspired by signature tartare from Prime Restaurant. These gourmet grilled burgers are made fresh daily with 100% grain-fed Black Angus shoulder with the ideal 80% beef, 20% fat ratio and imported spices from France for a distinctive flavour.
For a non-beef alternative gourmet grilled burger, there is a Chargrilled Chicken Fillet Burger with housemade chilli sauce, creamy mayonnaise and fresh lettuce, or a Chickpea, Sweet Potato, Sweet Corn and Quinoa Burger with haloumi cheese, roasted tomato chilli jam and tahini cream.


Crystal Bar is now serving the best gourmet burgers in Sydney including:

Classic Swiss Gruyere Cheeseburger $13.90
  With Chips $17.90
  Premium Black Angus Patty with housemade Tomato Relish, Dijon
Mayonnaise, Pickles and Gruyere Cheese on a Milk Bun
Swiss Gruyere Angus Burger $16.90
  With Chips $20.90
  Premium Black Angus burger with Gruyere Cheese, housemade Tomato Relish, Dijon Mayonnaise, Bacon, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Lettuce and Onion on a Milk Bun.  
French Coulommiers Truffle Brie Angus Burger $17.90
  With Chips $21.90
  Premium Black Angus burger with Truffle Brie Cheese, housemade Truffle Mayonnaise, housemade Tomato Relish, Bacon, Fresh
Tomato, Fresh Lettuce and Onion on a Milk Bun
  Italian Blue Gorgonzola Angus Burger $17.90
  With Chips $21.90
  Premium Black Angus Patty with Gorgonzola Blue Cheese, housemade Honey Pepper Fig Jam, Bacon, Mayonnaise, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Lettuce and Onion on a Milk Bun  
Greek Haloumi Angus Burger $16.90
  With Chips $20.90
  Premium Black Angus pattie with Tzatziki (Yoghurt, Garlic, Cucumber and Fresh Herbs), Shaved Haloumi Cheese, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Lettuce and Onion on a Milk Bun.  
Chargrilled Chicken Fillet Burger  $16.90
  With Chips $20.90
  Chargrilled Chicken Thigh Fillet with
housemade Special Chilli Sauce, Creamy
Mayonnaise and Fresh Lettuce on a Milk Bun
  Chickpea, Potato, Corn & Quinoa Burger $16.90
  With Chips $20.90
  Grilled Housemade Chickpea, Sweet Potato, Sweet Corn,
Quinoa and Haloumi Cheese Pattie topped with
Avocado, Fresh Lettuce, Fresh Tomato,
Housemade Roasted Tomato
Chilli Jam, Tahini Cream, Mayonnaise and
Gruyere Cheese on a Milk Bun


“Sydney’s best artisan farmhouse cheeseburger collection focused on specialty artisan cheeses.”
- Luxurious Magazine
“If cheese is your thing, it’s worth seeing how these ones stack up.'
- Broadsheet

“Down in the depths of glamorous basement haunt Crystal Bar, part of the GPO Grand precinct, Sydneysiders will now a find a gourmet “cheeseburger collection” which has been worked up in collaboration between GPO Cheese & Wine Room and Prime Steak Restaurant."
- The AU Review

“There are a few essential elements in any good burger, first and foremost is the high quality meat and oozing melted cheese. Sydney’s very own Temple of Cheese, the GPO Cheese & Wine Room has collaborated with Prime Steak Restaurant, famous for its meat-only degustation, to create Sydney’s best farmhouse cheeseburger collection focused on specialty artisan cheeses."
Smudge Eats

Concessional Parking Vouchers

GPO provides concessional parking vouchers for dinner patrons. Please request a concessional voucher from our restaurant staff to receive discount.  

Monday – Friday Entrance after 5pm until 2am          $20 (Regular pricing $40)
  Entrance after 6pm until 2am   $15 (Regular pricing $30)
Saturday – Sunday    Entrance at any time up to 8 hours   $15 (Regular pricing $30)

Please comply to the above time otherwise the carpark will charge the full price.

Please note:
1. Enter the Secure carpark 1 Martin Place via the Pitt Street entry.
2. Collect ticket for boom gate to open and entry to the carpark.
3. Park your car as normal (keep ticket with you).
4. Take the carpark lifts to the floor of your venue.
5. At the end of your meal, please ask the restaurant manager to provide you with the concessional parking voucher.
6. Take the lift to level C3 and proceed to the paystation machine. Place your original entry ticket into the machine, it will then display the full price at which time you insert your concessional voucher for the discount to be shown and the concessional rate showing on the machine.
7. Please pay the concessional amount and the ticket will be discharged so you can use it on your exit. 

By Train:

    The closest train stations, Martin Place Station and Wynyard Station,
    are both within five minutes walk.

By Bus:

    Any bus travelling along George Street.

By Walk:

    No. 1 Martin Place is only a few minutes walk from the
    Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building train and bus terminals.