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What Makes the GPO Cheese and Wine Room Special

The GPO Cheese and Wine Room continues to set the standard for all cheese dining rooms worldwide, with its amazing journey since 1999:
  • Established as the largest retail cheese room in the Southern Hemisphere in 1999, and transformed into Sydney’s best cheese and wine bar in 2002
  • The first cheese room to allow patrons to create their own cheese boards from a range of over 100 cheeses in 1999
  • The first cheese room to create a dining room and offer table service in 2005
  • The first cheese room to create and offer a range of premium specialty cheese fondues in 2009, with a tangy Goat's Cheese Fondue, a silky Truffle Cheese Fondue and a fragrant Blue Cheese Fondue which have stood the test of time and are now signature offerings
  • The first to develop a menu predominantly based on cheese in 2009, including Cheese Boards, Cheese Fondues, different Mac and Cheese varieties, Cheese and Wine Flights and Cheese Masterclasses for the most diverse range of cheese offerings in any cheese room in the world
  • The first to create World's First Fondue Burger Boards in 2017


About GPO Cheese and Wine Room

GPO Cheese and Wine Room, known as Sydney’s "Temple of Cheese," opened in 1999 as a sophisticated underground artisan cheese cellar on the lower ground floor of the heritage-listed GPO building.

Awarded Best Specialty Restaurant in NSW, our intimate European-style restaurant and retail space is Sydney’s haven for cheese and wine lovers. We offer over 100 seasonal cheeses and 250 international and Australian wines, along with a variety of cheese fondues, cheese and wine flights, custom cheese plates, antipasti boards, signature Mac and Cheese and a variety of a la carte dishes, with our friendly staff and sommelier on hand to assist you with your selections.

Our main dining room caters for up to 45 guests a la carte or up to 30 guests for exclusive tasting events and private dinners. The underground tunnel originally used for the post office over 100 years ago now serves as a unique and intimate dining section. With timeless sandstone walls, terrazzo floors and a sophisticated ambience, the GPO Cheese and Wine Room offers a memorable cheese and wine dining experience no matter the occasion. 
 It is also perfect for Pre or Post-Concert dinner a few steps from City Recital Hall.

GPO Cheese and Wine Room's Online Restaurant Butler

For a truly personalised dining experience, book online using our world first online Restaurant Butler booking system where you can enhance and tailor your dining experience within minutes at no additional service charge. Options include half a dozen roses for your partner, champagne and amuse bouche on arrival, and a box of Prime Restaurant Chocolate truffles to take home.

A la Carte Menu

GPO Cheese and Wine Room sets the benchmark for all cheese dining in Sydney, with a wide selection of premium cheeses from Australia, Europe, the US and the UK. Our fromager’s selection varies according to season, availability and the state of each cheese to ensure we offer you cheeses at their peak. Our portion sizes are designed for sharing, with a wide range of unique textures and flavours to mix and match.

Our GPO Cheese and Wine Room fromager push the boundaries by selecting unusual cheeses and distinct flavours such as cheese infused with truffles, tea leaves, paprika or ash, paired with wine, champagne, whisky or cognac.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create your own custom cheese boards using any of the 100 premium cheeses on offer, with our knowledgeable staff on hand to assist you with your selection. Choose from fresh and soft, washed rind, semi-hard, hard or blue vein, each served with fresh gourmet accompaniments including grapes, apple slices, lavosh, half baguette, saffron and pear chutney.

To start, why not try our Marinated Grilled Scallops with Leek Provençale, Grilled Prawns with Sauce Vierge and Zucchini Ribbons, or our Fresh Italian La Stella Buffalo Mozzarella served with Fresh Tomatoes and a Balsamic Reduction.

Guests can also choose from a variety of cheese boards and antipasto plates, or one of our signature a la carte options including our house special Mac and Cheese with Four Cheeses (Fontal, Goat's Chevre, Asiago and Peorino Sardo), Ploughman’s Board, Pain Moins Burger a Cheval (French style bunless burger), Steak Frites or Chicken Spit Roast.

Signature Fondues

GPO Cheese and Wine Room was the first restaurant in the world in 2009 to create and offer cheese fondues with a modern contemporary twist. Try our cheese fondue with silky Truffle Brie, Italian Blue Gorgonzola or tangy Goat’s cheese for two, served with assorted cured meats, grilled prawns, roasted chat potatoes, honey pepper figs, country style bread and lavosh, or as a vegetarian option with fresh grilled vegetables.

For an indulgent chocolate treat, GPO Cheese and Wine Room also offers fondue dessert boards featuring premium melted Belgian milk chocolate (34% cocoa) or Belgian dark chocolate (55% cocoa), served with banana, marshmallows, pear, amaretti, biscotti and fresh strawberries for a special dining experience to share.


Premium Cheese Fondue Burger Boards

GPO Cheese and Wine Room have introduced the world's first ultimate range of premium fondue burger boards in 2017, featuring Four Texture Truffle Cheese Fondue Burger Board and Three Texture True Blue Cheese Fondue Burger Board.

Cheese and Wine Flights

GPO Cheese and Wine Room’s expert sommelier and fromager have developed an extensive Cheese and Wine Flights Menu featuring three delicious cheeses paired with three different wines or whiskeys, accompanied by lavosh and quince paste. Each of the Flights comes with a set of tasting notes so you can learn about the cheeses, wines and whiskies as you go.

Choose from our Adventurous Flight, Australian Flight, European Flight, French Sparkling and Champagne Flight or Whisky Flight for a premium tasting experience.

Wine List

GPO Cheese and Wine Room’s award-winning wine list is made up of 250 hand-picked boutique and vintage wines from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Hungary and North and South America, along with 18 premium wines by the glass to complement the gourmet Australian and European dishes.

Our wine list was awarded Two Goblets and Highly Recommended in the Australian Wine List of the Year Awards in 2009, 2010, 2014 to 2019.

Media Quotes

"The expanded GPO Cheese & Wine Room is the best news for Fromage fanatics since the invention of the cow."
- Sydney Morning Herald

“Step into the basement of GPO in Martin Place for an elegant, intimate and luxurious cheese experience, set in a cellar-like historic sandstone space.”
- Concrete Playground

“A dedicated cheese restaurant in the middle of the CBD? Yes, it’s true. Dark and moodily lit, the cheese fanatics cavern is tucked underneath Martin Place’s super-alpha Italian joint Intermezzo and is modelled on an underground artisan cellar.” 
- Daily Telegraph

“This historic and glamorous space is home to over 100 seasonal cheeses and 250 international and Australian boutique wines -- perfect for cheese and wine lovers alike.”
- Huffington Post

“Beautifully stocked and lovingly maintained cheese."
- SMH Foodies Guide to Sydney

“GPO Cheese and Wine Room is a eurochic hideaway that's stylish without being snooty. It’s the perfect place to meet friends when you feel like a more grown-up date than cocktails.”
- Sydney Morning Herald

“The GPO Cheese and Wine Room is dealing in some serious cheese business. Stocking between 80 and 100 cheeses, this cosy little nook, tucked away in the depths of Martin Place, is the perfect place for post-dinner treats.”
- Concrete Playground

"The refurbished temple of cheese is a haven for cheese and wine lovers."
- Sunday Telegraph

The GPO Cheese and Wine Room is excited to be featured in the article by Expedia on “Awesome Date Ideas and Hot Hotels” as the GPO Cheese and Wine Room is a unique destination to enjoy a night out with that special someone blending European charm and luxury.


Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence
2018      GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Best Beer Cafe/Wine Bar - Sydney Metropolitan
2017      GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Best Beer Cafe/Wine Bar - Sydney Metropolitan
2016      GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Best Beer Cafe/Wine Bar - Sydney Metropolitan
2013      GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Best Specialty Restaurant - Sydney Metropolitan
Australian Gourmet Traveller - Fine Wine Partners - Tucker Seabrook Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards

2019     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2018     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended

2017     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2016     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2015     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2014     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2010     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2009     GPO Cheese and Wine Room - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended

Gault and Millau

2019 - 2 Hats
2018 - 2 Hats

2017 - 2 Hats

Concessional Parking Vouchers

GPO provides concessional parking vouchers for dinner patrons. Please request a concessional voucher from our restaurant staff to receive discount.  

Monday – Friday Entrance after 5pm until 2am          $20 (Regular pricing $40)
  Entrance after 6pm until 2am   $15 (Regular pricing $30)
Saturday – Sunday    Entrance at any time up to 8 hours   $15 (Regular pricing $30)

Please comply to the above time otherwise the carpark will charge the full price.

Please note:
1. Enter the Secure carpark 1 Martin Place via the Pitt Street entry.
2. Collect ticket for boom gate to open and entry to the carpark.
3. Park your car as normal (keep ticket with you).
4. Take the carpark lifts to the floor of your venue.
5. At the end of your meal, please ask the restaurant manager to provide you with the concessional parking voucher.
6. Take the lift to level C3 and proceed to the paystation machine. Place your original entry ticket into the machine, it will then display the full price at which time you insert your concessional voucher for the discount to be shown and the concessional rate showing on the machine.
7. Please pay the concessional amount and the ticket will be discharged so you can use it on your exit. 

By Train:

    The closest train stations, Martin Place Station and Wynyard Station,
    are both within five minutes walk.

By Bus:

    Any bus travelling along George Street.

By Walk:

    No. 1 Martin Place is only a few minutes walk from the
    Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building train and bus terminals.