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What Makes Intermezzo Italian Restaurant Special

Since opening in April 2006, Intermezzo Italian Restaurant has established itself as one of the best Italian restaurants in Sydney, Australia. This Italian restaurant has been awarded as the best Sydney Italian restaurant by the Restaurant and Catering Association for 2015 and 2010, offering:
  • Sydney’s best Italian cuisine with housemade pasta, desserts and gelato and an extensive and award-winning wine list comprising over 200 premium varieties of wine

  • The first Italian restaurant ever allowed to face Martin Place and extend onto the colonnades of the Italian Renaissance GPO building and under the 8 story glass atrium, providing al fresco dining and a world class Italian-style setting

  • A 7.5 meter temperature and humidity-controlled wine tower designed by John Perry, housing over 2,000 bottles of wine

  • An interior heritage dining room with an open kitchen and espresso bar

  • Classic Italian styling with double-clothed tables and white-jacketed waiters delivering exceptional service

About Intermezzo – the best Italian Restaurant in Sydney CBD

Intermezzo Italian Restaurant opened in April 2006 as Sydney’s ultimate Italian dining destination, offering grand al fresco dining and the best Italian cuisine in Sydney CBD.

Located in the heart of Sydney at No.1 Martin Place, Intermezzo Italian Restaurant was designed to offer a sophisticated Italian dining experience to complement the Victorian Italian Renaissance architecture of the historical GPO Building.

For a memorable dining experience no matter the occasion, guests can enjoy views of Martin Place plaza and designer boutiques from the alfresco tables along the Colonnade, the sophisticated ambience under the 8 story glass Atrium inside the GPO building, or the intimacy of the heritage Front Room amongst all the action from the open kitchen. 

Intermezzo Ristorante is perfect for pre or post-concert dinner or for a late night dessert a few steps from City Recital Hall.

To complement the elegant surroundings and authentic Italian cuisine, we created a wine tower in the main dining room that is 7.5 metres high and temperature and humidity-controlled to house over 2,000 bottles of wine, with our professional staff and sommelier on hand to assist you with your selection.

Since its opening, Intermezzo has been awarded as Sydney's Best Italian Restaurant (Formal) by the Restaurant and Catering Association Awards for Excellence in 2010 and 2015; Two Goblets and Highly Recommended in Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards from 2009-2017 and One Goblet in 2016-2019; and Two Hats by Gault & Millau Australia since 2014.

Intermezzo Restaurant's Online Restaurant Butler

For a truly personalised dining experience, book online using our world first online Restaurant Butler booking system where you can enhance and tailor your dining experience within minutes at no additional service charge. Options include half a dozen roses for your partner, champagne and amuse bouche on arrival, and a box of Prime Steak Restaurant Chocolate truffles to take home.

Intermezzo Ristorante Awards

Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence
2015 - Intermezzo - Best Italian Restaurant in Sydney (Formal)
2010 - Intermezzo - Best Italian Restaurant in Sydney (Formal)

Australian Gourmet Traveller - Fine Wine Partners - Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards
2019 - One Goblet - Recommended
2018 - One Goblet - Recommended

2017 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2016 - One Goblet - Recommended

2015 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2014 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2013 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2012 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2011 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2010 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2009 - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2008 -
One Goblet - Recommended
2007 - One Goblet - Recommended

Gault and Millau
2019 - 2 Hats
2018 - 2 Hats

2017 - 2 Hats
2016 - 1 Hat
2015 - 2 Hats
2014 - 2 Hats
Opsitalita Italiana Certification   
2016-2017 - Certified by The Italian Chamber of Commerce
2017-2018 - Certified by The Italian Chamber of Commerce

Concessional Parking Vouchers

GPO provides concessional parking vouchers for dinner patrons. Please request a concessional voucher from our restaurant staff to receive discount.  

Monday – Friday Entrance after 5pm until 2am          $20 (Regular pricing $40)
  Entrance after 6pm until 2am   $15 (Regular pricing $30)
Saturday – Sunday    Entrance at any time up to 8 hours   $15 (Regular pricing $30)

Please comply to the above time otherwise the carpark will charge the full price.

Please note:
1. Enter the Secure carpark 1 Martin Place via the Pitt Street entry.
2. Collect ticket for boom gate to open and entry to the carpark.
3. Park your car as normal (keep ticket with you).
4. Take the carpark lifts to the floor of your venue.
5. At the end of your meal, please ask the restaurant manager to provide you with the concessional parking voucher.
6. Take the lift to level C3 and proceed to the paystation machine. Place your original entry ticket into the machine, it will then display the full price at which time you insert your concessional voucher for the discount to be shown and the concessional rate showing on the machine.
7. Please pay the concessional amount and the ticket will be discharged so you can use it on your exit. 

By Bus:

    Any bus travelling along George Street.

By Walk:

    No. 1 Martin Place is only a few minutes walk from the
    Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building train and bus terminals.