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100% Arabica
100% Organic
100% Fairtrade
Roasted by hand in small batches

Our Premium, Organic, Signature house blend coffee of Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Ethopian Arabica beans have been selected and hand roasted in small batches to bring you greater depth, flavour and smoothness than a single origin coffee. Medium dark roast.

Organic Signature House Blend Coffee:

Our organic signature house blend coffee uses a mix of three premium beans to offer you greater complexity, body and flavour than that offered by a single origin bean. While the use of a single origin coffee bean allows you to experience the difference between coffee beans from different regions, our signature blend gives you a better, balanced milk based coffee.             

Our organic signature blend coffee is a mixture of 100% single origin Arabica coffee beans from:

Brazil: Caramelic notes
Nicaragua: Chocolate notes
Ethopia: Light sweetness with top fruit notes.

Maximus Premium Organic Signature Blend coffee brings you bold flavour with a light acid and a full body caramelic, chocolate and fruit notes. Enjoy it as a milk based drink or short espresso.


 100% Arabica
Roasted by hand in small batches

To compliment our premium organic house blend, Maximus organic coffee also brings you its range of Single Origin Coffee. Our single origin coffees are the best organic coffee for people who drink espresso or black coffees as it has a lighter flavour and allows you to experience the flavours and aroma of the regions that it comes from. Our Single Origin coffee is also ideal for people who like weaker or lighter milk based coffees. Our Maximus Single Origin coffee offering changes monthly to add variety for our customers.

Our current Single Origin Roast is a blend of washed and unwashed coffees from Ethopian growing regions of Limu and Djimmah, roasted to a medium profile. This single origin roast is typically fruity with mild cirtrucy acids and sweet base hinting spices, wine and chocolate. Ideal for a refreshing espresso or black coffee and delivers a lighter unique flavour and floral aroma on milk base.

100% Organic

Maximus coffee is 100% organic without the use of pesticides and fertilizers or other chemicals, Maximus coffee beans contain no synthetic fertiliser, which means pure beans and rich soil. Maximus organic coffee beans are handpicked and sundried, aged to get the maximum flavour. By choosing organic, we are supporting sustainable coffee method and processing. Organic farms combat climate change by emitting less carbon and chemical farms. Overall organic coffee beans maintain its natural helpful antioxidants, thus making it richer in taste than a regular coffee beans.


100% FairTrade

Our Maximus Premium Organic House Blend is 100% Fair trade organic coffee.. In general terms, Fairtrade is a system that ensures that products from third world communities are bought from co-operatives in the Third-world for a fair, sustainable price. This system ensures that by getting a fair price the farmers can stay in business, continue to produce high quality products and improve their quality of life. In addition to us paying a higher price for Fair trade certified organic coffee, 2% of the profits from selling them are returned to the co-operative that they came from. This additional profit goes into improving the infrastructure of their community.


100% Arabica Beans

Arabica is the finest quality and the  best tasting organic coffee hence why we only use 100% Arabica coffee beans with our Maximus coffees.

Originally indigenous to the southwestern highlands of Ethopia, it is commonly noted as “arabica coffee”. It takes 7 years to mature fully, and about 1-1.5 meters. It is also known as the “coffee shrub of Arabia”, or “mountain coffee”.

Arabica beans grown at higher altitudes is associated with the emergence of higher quality characteristics during roasting. Our Maximus Fair trade Organic Coffee Beans are generally grown at altitudes of 1650m to 2000m (arabica coffee beans can be cultivated from altitudes of over 600m, with mosts Arabica beans grown between altitudes of 600m to 1200m).

Arabica coffee bean is actually the seed of the coffee plant, found inside a red fruit often called the cherry. Each cherry contains two seeds (beans) surrounded by a membrane called the parchment, and a layer of sweet pulp. Arabica coffee beans are fairly flat and elongated, with sinuous groove.

Genetically Arabica is the only species with 44 chromosomes of Coffea. Chemically, Arabica’s caffeine content varies from 0.9 to 1.7% of each bean volume.

Arabica coffee beans  have a wider taste range, between varieties. They range in taste from sweet-soft to sharp-tangy. Their unroasted smell is sometimes likened to blueberries. Their roasted smell is perfumey with fruity notes and sugary tones.​


Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian coffee is one of the best coffees in the world due to its high altitude growing conditions. The higher the altitude, the higher the quality. Maximus Fair trade Organic Coffee Beans are grown at altitudes of 1650m to 2000m. Ethiopian coffees grown at high altitudes greater than 1500m have a strong prominent flavour. 

With most Ethiopian coffee grown at an altitude ranging between 1500- 3000m, Ethiopia has gained a credit for producing only the finest quality of signature organic coffee in the world. Plants located in the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, perched on highlands soils with an average temperature range of 15-21 º C throughout the year combined with equally distributed moderate rainfall produces an Arabica coffee bean with more complex sugars and velvety flavour. 

Since Maximus Fair trade Organic Coffee Beans are grown in the Dhimmah region, this formulates Ethiopian beans with deeper taste. As for coffees harvested in the Limu region, the Ethiopian beans are known to exhibit a relatively low acidity yet is somewhat sharp in flavour.  

Our Maximus Fair trade Organic Coffee Beans are made all the more interesting due to the farmers’ traditional way of beans drying that dates back since the first harvest. Organically processed Ethiopian coffees often have a syrupy body that accompanies a densely sweet berry flavour, typically blueberry or strawberry. Thus our Maximus Ethiopian Beans tends to be fruity, rich, and pure.


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