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Postales Spanish Cafe offers tapas items, light snacks and Maximus organic fairtrade coffee.

From lunch time, you can enjoy your favourite Tapas, Sangria, Spanish beer or other drinks under the 8-storey glass atrium of Sydney's premier historical building. Nestled next to Postales Spanish Restaurant, Postales Cafe is  a great location for a relaxing, elegant experience in the heart of Sydney city, the perfect place for a drink after work or your next cocktail function. Postales Spanish Cafe offers the best tapas and coffee in Sydney, perfect for a light snack or finger food for after work drinks.

GPO Postales Cafe brings you their own signature premium coffee; Maximus, which is 100% Arabica, 100% organic, 100% fairtrade, roasted in small batches by hand.

Purchase Maximus Coffee Beans at Maximus Cafe:

250g = $14
500g = $23
1kg = $38

*20% OFF for GPO Members

Maximus Organic Fair Trade Arabica Coffee

Postales Cafe uses our own organic signature house blend Maximus coffee.

    100% Arabica
    100% Organic
    100% Fairtrade
     Roasted by hand in small batches

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Concessional Parking Vouchers

GPO provides concessional parking vouchers for dinner patrons. Please request a concessional voucher from our restaurant staff to receive discount.  

Monday – Friday Entrance after 5pm until 2am          $20 (Regular pricing $40)
  Entrance after 6pm until 2am   $15 (Regular pricing $30)
Saturday – Sunday    Entrance at any time up to 8 hours   $15 (Regular pricing $30)

Please comply to the above time otherwise the carpark will charge the full price.

Please note:
1. Enter the Secure carpark 1 Martin Place via the Pitt Street entry.
2. Collect ticket for boom gate to open and entry to the carpark.
3. Park your car as normal (keep ticket with you).
4. Take the carpark lifts to the floor of your venue.
5. At the end of your meal, please ask the restaurant manager to provide you with the concessional parking voucher.
6. Take the lift to level C3 and proceed to the paystation machine. Place your original entry ticket into the machine, it will then display the full price at which time you insert your concessional voucher for the discount to be shown and the concessional rate showing on the machine.
7. Please pay the concessional amount and the ticket will be discharged so you can use it on your exit. 

By Train:

    The closest train stations, Martin Place Station and Wynyard Station,
    are both within five minutes walk.

By Bus:

    Any bus travelling along George Street.

By Walk:

    No. 1 Martin Place is only a few minutes walk from the
    Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building train and bus terminals.