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What Makes Prime Steak Restaurant Special

Prime is the world’s most innovative grill room and steakhouse. This steak restaurant is known for serving the best steaks in Sydney CBD. Prime Steak Restaurant has pioneered many changes for the steak restaurants industry since opening in 1999, being:
  • The first steak restaurant in Sydney to introduce dry-aged beef to its menu in 1999
  • The first steakhouse restaurant to offer only premium cuts of steak since 2002
  • The first steakhouse to only offer the “centre” and most consistent part of our selected premium cuts in 2004. We do not offer the “tails” of the fillet, only the centre cuts.
  • The first steak restaurant in Sydney to offer Wagyu in 2002
  • The first steak restaurant to expand its menu and offer over 18 different steak options in 2006
  • The first steakhouse restaurant to offer “Graded" Grass-fed steaks in 2009
  • The first steakhouse to introduce a premium seven-course meat-only degustation menu in 2016
Most importantly, Prime Grill Room and Steak Restaurant only use premium natural ingredients and everything offered by Prime Steakhouse is made in Prime, including all sauces, desserts, ice creams, gelato and sorbet. We live by our Prime seal of quality for offering the best steaks and meat degustation in Sydney, CBD. Prime Restaurant is simply the Best Steak Restaurant in Sydney!

About Prime Steak Restaurant

Prime Steak Restaurant is Sydney’s most prestigious, innovative and longest-running steakhouse restaurant, awarded as Best Steak Restaurant in Sydney since 1999.

Prime specialises in premium steaks only and offers the most extensive a la carte steak menu in the world, featuring 18 of the best steaks in Australia including Wagyu, Black Angus and Angus-Hereford Yearling.

Guests can also choose from a variety of premium fine dining seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes featuring the best available produce, along with an extensive wine list comprising over 350 wines, with our exceptional sommelier and staff on hand to assist you with your food and wine selections.

In its first year, Prime Steak Restaurant and Grill Room was awarded Sydney's Best Steakhouse by The Restaurant and Catering Association, Best Steak Restaurant in Australia by Australian Gourmet Traveller, and Best Steak Restaurant in Sydney CBD and One Hat by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Today, the underground entrance is adorned with dozens of awards won over the years, which are a testament to our excellence.
Located within a timeless sandstone vault on the lower ground floor of the heritage-listed sandstone GPO building, complete with fireplace and separate private dining room, Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney CBD is the ideal location for lunch, dinner or private events for up to 130 guests.


Prime Steak Restaurant's Online Restaurant Butler

For a truly personalised dining experience, book online using our world-first online Restaurant Butler booking system where you can enhance and tailor your dining experience within minutes at no additional service charge. Options include half a dozen roses for your partner, champagne and amuse bouche on arrival, and a box of Prime Steak Restaurant Chocolate truffles to take home.

The Prime Steakhouse Cooking Difference

Since 1999, Prime Steakhouse & Grill Room in Sydney CBD has showcased the nation’s most premium and the best steaks through our unique and innovative cooking approach, avoiding inconsistent and unhealthy cooking practices. As a result, if it takes a little longer to cook your steak at Prime Steak Restaurant, it is because we do not take any shortcuts.

1. We do not burn or char our steaks
When you start with the best produces, the aim should be to enhance it and deliver it in the best possible way. Just as other premium seafood and vegetable products are not burnt, at Sydney's Prime Steak Restaurant we do not burn our steaks. You would not eat burnt toast or seafood, so why eat burnt steak? Additionally, burnt foods contain carcinogenic substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) also found in air pollution, car exhaust fumes and tobacco smoke.
2. We do not use any cooking equipment where we cannot control the temperature
As logs and wood do not sit evenly, the heat is distributed irregularly and results in uneven cooking, often burning part or all of your steak. Otherwise, if you cannot control the cooking temperature, you cannot control the outcome.
3. We do not cook over a wood fire
Burning organic material such as wood laces your steak with various irritants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other chemicals found in cigarette smoke and known to be carcinogens. It is not ideal to pay a premium price for a premium product that is cooked in an uncontrolled way and causes cancer. Even though wood has been used for thousands of years it is not the optimal method to cook steak. Each technique needs to be evaluated on its own merits and we believe there are better, more consistent ways of cooking.
4. We cook your steak three different ways
For a perfectly cooked premium steak every time, we cook the steak three different ways before it is ready and rest the steak for half its cooking time. Our unique way of preparing the best steaks in Sydney minimises the possibility of burning your steak and results in the optimum temperature and colour according to your requirements. And deliver the meat in its most tender and unburnt state.

As our cooking approach is slower and more precise, cooking your steak will take a little longer than other steak restaurants in Sydney. However, should you prefer your steak to be cooked differently, please advise your waiter.

5. We only cook meat in its natural state or dry-aged
At Prime Steak House in Sydney, we do not wet age our beef as wet-aged beef matures in its own blood, leaving an acidic aftertaste. Instead, we only cook and serve the meat from its natural state or dry-aged which intensifies the natural meat flavours.

A la carte menu

Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney offers the most extensive a la carte steak menu of any fine dining restaurant in the world, including 18 different premium steaks from the top Australian beef producers. At Sydney's Best Prime Steakhouse, unless otherwise noted on the menu, your selection of steak is paired with vine ripened tomatoes and your choice of potato puree, potato gratinée or house cut chips, with seven housemade sauces to choose from. For those on a time limit, our menu also highlights express steaks which can be cooked within 30 minutes.

For those wanting a “fillet” tasting journey, we also offer a grilled Beef Fillet Tasting Plate featuring Grain-fed Full Blood Wagyu 9+ Fillet, Grass-fed Black Angus Fillet and Grain-fed Yearling Fillet, served with seasonal baby vegetables and bordelaise sauce.

Sydney Prime Steak Restaurant also offers a variety of non-steak main course options for patrons looking for something different, making it as one of the best steak places in Sydney CBD. We recommend our delicious seafood, poultry and vegetarian options including Herb Crusted Lamb Rump, Confit Salmon and Risotto Style Cauliflower. To start, why not enjoy our fresh Sydney Rock Oysters, Wagyu Tartare or Grilled Scallops.

For those wanting to share a steak, Prime Steak House in Sydney offers a 1.5kg Tomahawk which is grain-fed for 200-250 days in Northern NSW and then dry-aged for an intense beefy flavour. We also offer three different Chateaubriands, the famed “lover’s dish” for sharing with your choice of Angus-Hereford Yearling (500g), F2 Wagyu, Marble Score 7+ to 9+ (400g) and a Full Blood Wagyu, Marble Score 9+ (400g).

Our innovative desserts, ice creams, gelato and sorbets change with the seasons and are handmade by our awarded in-house Pastry Chef.


The World's First Premium Meat-Only Degustation Menu (currently being reviewed and returning in September 2020)

In 2016, Prime Steak Restaurant introduced the world's first premium, seven-course meat-only degustation menu to complement its award-winning a la carte menu.  The highest quality cuts (fillet, sirloin and scotch) with supreme marbling, texture and flavour were hand-selected for a unique seven-course tasting journey through Australia's best steaks.

The new premium meat degustation restaurant menu showcases best steaks from Australia’s best beef producers, including Full Blood Wagyu 9+, Black Angus, and Angus-Hereford yearling, to go with Prime's premium-only ethos.

Each steak is grilled to perfection and paired with handcrafted sauces and flavoursome accompaniments including foie gras, quail yolk and our signature truffle jus, along with premium matching wines handpicked by Prime’s expert sommelier. To finish, indulge in a housemade Yuzu Souffle with Crème Anglaise and Yuzu Lemon Sorbet for dessert.

This meat-only degustation restaurant in Sydney was produced with food combining principles in mind to streamline digestion and leave guests feeling light after seven courses. Simple meals digest the best and protein is the only one food that chemically breaks down in the stomach, so our degustation menu is optimum for nutrition and digestion and is known as the best degustation in Sydney.

The tasting menu is available for the whole table only with a minimum of 2 guests. Only available for dinner reservations before 7:00 pm. For a truly personalised dining experience, book online using our world's first online Reservation Butler booking system

Prime Steaks

Sydney Prime Steak Restaurant specialises in only the centre cut portions of premium marbled steaks from the finest beef cattle in Australia. All of our meat is MSA graded, hormone and growth proponent free, and grilled to order in a unique way to caramelise the outside without burning or charring the steak. Each steak is rested under a heat lamp for half its cooking time to further relax the meat fibres and accentuate the rich and juicy flavour of the meat.

Angus Hereford-Yearling
Our Angus-Hereford Yearlings have been raised on grass for about 9 months and then finished on a grain diet for a superior and consistent product. Prime selects each steak based on characteristics such as colour, marbling, pH balance and weight to ensure we offer you an exceptional product every time.

As Yearlings are younger they offer a more tender steak option however this younger product has a less beefy flavour.

Our Angus Hereford-Yearling Sirloin, Rib Eye and Prime Fillet are also dry-aged on the bone for 4 to 6 weeks in temperature and humidity-controlled cool rooms, to tenderise and break down the fibres in the meat and intensify the natural meat flavours.

Black Angus
Our premium Black Angus beef is fully matured and at 3O-36 months offers a more intense beef flavour and is a juicier steak with more marbling than our Angus-Hereford Yearling.

As the quality of grass-fed beef varies from season to season and tends to be leaner, less tender and less marbled than grain-fed beef, Prime selects only the top 5% to 1O% of premium grass-fed beef grown in near perfect conditions in rich, lush pastures.

Our grain-fed Black Angus steaks are generally rich and soft, resulting in an intense burst of flavour when the juices are released. By contrast, our grass-fed Black Angus steaks are hand-selected for marbling and provide an intensely beefy flavour with a long, clean after taste.
Wagyu beef is generally regarded as the highest grade and tastiest beef in the world. The marbling of Wagyu beef is the prime characteristic that contributes to its tenderness, juiciness and most importantly its flavour.

The highest grade of Wagyu has a marbling score of 12 and can only be graded to that level in Japan. While other breeds of cattle are not given a marbling score, it can be said for comparative reasons that other breeds of cattle such as Angus and Hereford have a maximum marbling score of 3.

In Australia, the Wagyu branded meat is predominately F1 crosses between Wagyu and Angus cattle. The Japanese preference, however, is for F1 crosses to be between Wagyu and Holstein Cattle, which is the particular breed we have chosen for your enjoyment in Prime.

Outside Japan, there is a very limited supply of Full Blood Wagyu and an even more limited supply of marble score 9+ Wagyu. At Prime, we offer you Wagyu 9+, which is the highest scored Wagyu product available outside Japan.

Dry Aged Beef
There are two ways to age beef:  “dry ageing” and “wet ageing.” At Prime Steakhouse Restaurant we only offer dry-aged beef as it produces a more concentrated flavour and better result than wet ageing.

The dry ageing process involves hanging the meat on the bone for 4 to 6 weeks in a temperature and humidity-controlled cool room to break down and tenderise the fibres in the meat. The dry-aging process is expensive as the beef loses 20% to 25% of its weight, helping the natural meat flavours to intensify and become more concentrated.

By contrast, the wet ageing process utilises vacuum-sealed plastic bags, which does not develop the same concentration of flavours and tends to produce an acidic taste as the meat is aged in its own juices.
At Prime Steak Restaurant & Grill Room in Sydney, we do not age our fillet as the tenderloin does not have any protective tissue (fat), making the process too harsh for this particular cut and the benefits negligible.

Grain Fed vs Grass-Fed
Grass or forage (plant leaves and stems) feeding results in fuller flavoured beef than grain-fed beef, as plants contain odorous substances including chlorophyll, which cattle convert into chemicals called terpenes, relatives of the aroma compounds found in many herbs and spices.

On the other hand, grain-fed beef is not as full flavoured or as healthy an option as grass-fed beef but offers much greater consistency and tenderness.

Prime Steak Cuts

Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney specialises in premium cuts from Australia's best beef producers. In other words, Sydney's Prime Steakhouse does not offer any cheaper cuts of meat such as spare ribs, rump, shanks and skirt.

While our Prime Steakhouse Restaurant only uses premium cuts of meat, the “ends” of these premium cuts such as the tenderloin or sirloin are thinner or contain less fat. As such, in this example, we only use the centre cut pieces of the tenderloin and sirloin to ensure we provide you with the ultimate experience.

This is the tenderest cut of meat and is a portion of the tenderloin, cut from the centre of the sirloin. It is exceptionally lean and tender as the cattle do not use this muscle, with very little, if any fat.

The Scotch is a Rib Eye without the bone and for this reason, it is able to be more evenly cooked than the Rib Eye, but does not offer you the variation or journey as you eat the steak from the outside area to the bone. Scotch has a centre of fat unlike the fillet; however, this gives the steak more flavour.

Rib Eye
The Rib Eye (scotch with bone) is fattier, more marbled and juicier than other cuts of beef and is recommended to be served medium rare to medium for full flavour. The cut is exceptionally tender, with the nugget of fat at the centre of the cut offering additional moisture, further enhancing the flavour and juiciness of the steak.

Sirloin (New York Steak)
Sirloin is less tender than the other premium cuts of meat because these muscles still do some work, but has greater texture and provides juiciness with each bite. The Sirloin has a strip of fat around one side of the steak.

The Contre-Filet is a portion of the sirloin on the opposite side of the bone from the filet, or tenderloin and is an exceptionally thick and juicy steak.

T-Bone (Porterhouse)
The T Bone contains two cuts of beef, with the small side of the “T” containing meat from the tenderloin (fillet) while the large side contains meat from the sirloin. The size of the bone is quite large so it offers more moisture, fat and flavour than the Rib Eye or Cote de Boeuf. Generally speaking, a thicker T-Bone is called a porterhouse.

Cooking will be tapered due to the bone and the nature of the cut (being more cooked on the edges and less as you move towards the bone) and it is recommended to be cooked from medium-rare to medium to melt the fat in the meat and give the steak more flavour.

The Chateaubriand is a thick centre cut from the tenderloin and is exceptionally lean and tender and is usually served for two.

The Tomahawk is an extra-large Rib Eye cut from the fore-rib with an entire rib bone left. At Prime, the Tomahawk is 1.5kg and recommended for two people.


Chateaubriand – The Dish and its History

Chateaubriand is a dish that is surrounded by love, romance and with it a rich and colourful history that lives on in Prime Steak Restaurant a signature dish of the restaurant.

Although regarded by many as the king of cuts being the centre cut of the fillet (tenderloin) and the pinnacle for many meat lovers, the Chateaubriand is not just a cut of meat; it’s a love story dating back over 200 years.

The Chateaubriand, like many great love stories, comes from France and takes its name from the French writer and politician Francois René Vicomte de Chateaubriand (1768-1848). His personal chef, Montmirail created this sumptuous dish in 1822 as a late evening treat for him and his mistress Madame Récamier, who was widely regarded as the most beautiful and desirable woman of her time. So captivating was her beauty that the recliner chair takes its name from her and she was even sought after by Napoleon.

Our version of the Chateaubriand is the centre cut of the tenderloin, seared on the outside and rare on the inside (though we are happy to cook it to your requirements), and served with fondant potatoes, a fondue of eschallot, bone marrow and sauce bordelaise. You can choose from Angus-Hereford Yearling, Wagyu-Holstein Cross or Full Blood Wagyu 9+ fillet.

In the true spirit of the Chateaubriand, which was created as a meal to share between two people in love, our dish is also served for two. To complement the dining experience, Prime Steak Restaurant's underground sandstone dining room is adorned with curtained arches, dim lighting, spacious tables, leather seats and oversized wine glasses to go with the oversized wine list, making for a truly memorable and romantic dining experience.


Media Quotes

"'s steaks galore, and of such quality that Royal Easter Show cattle judges would festoon the menu with ribbons." 
- Australian Gourmet Traveller

"Beneath the lightest and crispest of crust, the meat here is so soft, so velvety it calls to mind a warm dark chocolate mousse."
- SMH, Good Living
“With New York style interiors and 18 different steaks on the neby, it’s no wonder Prime Steak Restaurant & Grill Room is considered one of the best steakhouses in Sydney CBD.” 

- The Urban List

"It has vaulted ceilings, chocolate-coloured booths and the red-blooded air of a gentlemen's club. The menu and wine list are almost a dare... A true carnivore's delight. Head here for some of the best steaks in Sydney. The fillet cuts like mousse, tastes as dark and rich as chocolate, and will spoil you for other steakhouses forever.” 
- SMH Good Living

“Very cool room, the nation's best steak and utterly professional service. It's a must for meat lovers.”
- Australian Gourmet Traveller

“Regularly billed as the place to eat steak, Prime Steak Restaurant in Sydney has all the ritual grill room fittings, boys own cellar location, dim lighting, a huge and exciting red wine list and a considerable Japanese clientele. They like the other regulars, come for serious steak. It's all about the meat and it's worth hanging around for.”
- SMH Good Living

“If you want a good steak in Sydney, there's no finer place for a meat-fest of the first order. Wagyu skirt steak, grain-fed rib-eye, dry-aged Angus Hereford from Gympie, you name it and they've got it.”
- Australian Gourmet Traveller


Premium Meat-Only Degustation Quotes

“No. 1 Martin Place just got even better, with the launch of the world’s first meat-only degustation in Sydney. The seven-course dinner will take you on a full journey through Australia’s best steaks, with the menu created with the highest quality cuts paired with ingredients from Australia’s best producers."
- The Urban List

“Sydney's most prestigious and longest-running steak restaurant has introduced the world's first premium meat-only degustation menu to complement their award-winning a la carte menu.”
- Best Restaurants Australia

“Taking the meat lovers concept to the next level.”

 “Prime Steak Restaurant's new premium meat-only degustation in Sydney is the only one of its kind in the world.”
- Luxury Launches

“The new meat degustation in Sydney highlights the premium philosophy behind PRIME, ensuring each steak featured is grilled to perfection and paired up with a range of house-made sauces and flavour rich sides that include foie gras, scampi, quail yolk, bisque, and the restaurant’s signature truffle jus.”
- The AU Review


Prime Restaurant Awards

Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence
2018    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2017    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, National

2017    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2016    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, National
2016    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2014    Prime Steak Restaurant -
Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2013    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2011    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2009    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2008    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2007    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2006    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2004    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2003    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2002    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, National
2002    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2001    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
2000    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan
1999    Prime Steak Restaurant - Best Steak Restaurant, Formal, Sydney Metropolitan

Gault and Millau
2019 - 3 Hats
2018 - 2 Hats
2017 - 2 Hats
2016 - 2 Hats
2015 - 2 Hats

Australian Gourmet Traveller - Fine Wine Partners - Australia's Wine List of the Year Awards

2019     Prime Steak Restaurant - Three Goblets - Outstanding
2018     Prime Steak Restaurant - Three Goblets - Outstanding
2017     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2016     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2015     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2014     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2012     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2011     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2010     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2009     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2008     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2007     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2006     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2005     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2004     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2003     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2002     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2001     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended
2000     Prime Steak Restaurant - One Goblet -   Recommended
1999     Prime Steak Restaurant - Two Goblets - Highly Recommended


Concessional Parking Vouchers

GPO provides concessional parking vouchers for dinner patrons. Please request a concessional voucher from our restaurant staff to receive discount.  

Monday – Friday Entrance after 5pm until 2am          $20 (Regular pricing $40)
  Entrance after 6pm until 2am   $15 (Regular pricing $30)
Saturday – Sunday    Entrance at any time up to 8 hours   $15 (Regular pricing $30)

Please comply to the above time otherwise the carpark will charge the full price.

Please note:
1. Enter the Secure carpark 1 Martin Place via the Pitt Street entry.
2. Collect ticket for boom gate to open and entry to the carpark.
3. Park your car as normal (keep ticket with you).
4. Take the carpark lifts to the floor of your venue.
5. At the end of your meal, please ask the restaurant manager to provide you with the concessional parking voucher.
6. Take the lift to level C3 and proceed to the paystation machine. Place your original entry ticket into the machine, it will then display the full price at which time you insert your concessional voucher for the discount to be shown and the concessional rate showing on the machine.
7. Please pay the concessional amount and the ticket will be discharged so you can use it on your exit. 

By Train:

    The closest train stations, Martin Place Station and Wynyard Station,
    are both within five minutes walk.

By Bus:

    Any bus travelling along George Street.

By Walk:

    No. 1 Martin Place is only a few minutes walk from the
    Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria Building train and bus terminals.